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Sex Strike for Better Men

Centuries ago, Spartan women became fed up with their warring spouses. Every time their backs were turned, Spartan husbands were out at war again. The women declared enough was enough. They put an end to their husband’s bad behavior with a positive NO. They said NO to sex until their husbands ceased warring. Spartan women used their considerable power to change the fate of their civilization. Their husbands laid down arms and came back to the arms of their loving (and badass) wives. Their positive NO was a yes to peace.

Today our men are at war, but it is an entirely different battle. This war is a war on relationships, and the biggest front is pornography.

Porn has conditioned men to objectify women. It has conditioned men to associate intimacy with lifeless pixels instead of their real and beautiful partners. It has instructed men that it is acceptable to degrade, humiliate and use women for pleasure. Porn has lied and taught man that women are only as valuable as their ability to please him. Experts have estimated over 500,000 divorces a year are attributed to pornography- Are you okay with this? Is pornography something you want to invite into your relationship?

If not, I suggest you look to our Spartan heroins for the next step.

Spartan women

Your spears happen to be the legs surrounding your vagina

Until your partner can cease pornography, say NO to sex. Refuse to accept the harmful habit of pornography in your relationships and in your bedrooms. Join thousands of other women this very day in the Sex Strike for Better Men until your partner gives up his war on relationships. Let your “no” to sex be an emphatic yes to a lifetime of intimacy and love in your relationships. Refuse to enable behavior that you know deep down will compromise your relationship.

Sign the pledge today and be part of the Sex Strike for Better Men. Join our community today and find the support of thousands of other women who are saying yes to better relationships.

Have you given up hope for better men? Each day we are featuring a different man’s story on how and why he has given up pornography for good. Men are doing this because they know you are worthy. More than anything, these good men desire the company of a good woman just like you. There is hope.  Another feature of the site is resources for men who wish to quit pornography; tips, stories, etc.

Take part in *this survey*  and let your voice be heard. Tell men what you want and need to be in a relationship. They’ll listen.

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