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New Relationship Consulting Services

I’m Daniel Dowling, a relationship consultant based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you’ve read my articles, you know what I’m about: Mature love, resilient love, strong families, and continual growth in relationships. Sound like something you need in your life? It’s harder than you think.

Please, don’t contact me if you aren’t willing to dramatically alter your idea of dating and relationships. Bad relationships repeat because of bad plans and misconceptions, not bad luck.

Relationships are designed to challenge us to grow for a lifetime; they are tools for world peace and healthy families. If you want to be comfortable in a relationship, my services aren’t for you.

But if you want to sacrifice to achieve a constantly renewing level of growth and commitment, call me. I’ll help you explore a richer relationship with yourself and the ones you love. Because I offer a full refund for my services, I only work with fully committed and capable clients.


My Services

Think about your most inspiring and life-changing moments; did they happen in an office? Not likely. They probably happened while you were engaged in the world, having fun, and doing what you loved.

So with me, there are no stupid offices or paperwork. We’ll be going out to lunch or dinner and talking about the important things in a relaxed, fun setting. Whatever your favorite way to relax and enjoy yourself, whether it’s rock climbing, a spa-trip, hiking, shopping, or sightseeing, that is how we will spend our time together. I want access to the real you, so my relationship consult will be in an environment you love while doing the things you enjoy.

Since no two people have the same strengths and weaknesses, why should you go through a cookie cutter program? Because you aren’t like any other person, I’m offering a completely unique experience to help you develop a customized holistic plan and take control of your life and relationships.

(My home base of Albuquerque/Santa Fe is a worldwide travel destination for outdoors activities of all kinds, art, food, and culture. We have world class hot springs, hiking, climbing, and spa resorts. I prefer to do consultations in this little slice of paradise, but am open to flying to you for an additional fee.)

My Method: Fun, Discovery, and Growth

I’ve found that we humans are most capable of growing while discovering, and most primed for discovery while having fun. Necessarily, my consultations cannot be confined to an office. Do you like roller coasters more than anything? We’ll meet at Six Flags. Are you happiest paddle boarding and relaxing at the ocean? Then get out your favorite towel and flip flops.

I have life-changing relationship advice that is best served while having fun and discovering more about your surroundings and inner world.

Some of our talking points will be:

  • your past relationships, your expectations for future relationships, and the person you want to be for your partner
  • your needs in a relationship and as an individual
  • what you actually want from a relationship
  • how to satisfy your need to grow as a person alone and in a relationship
  • common habits that automatically limit your relationship potential
  • new habits that will build up your future relationships
  • we’ll go over your “perfect partner” to see the traits you need to build to allow room for that person
  • how to start a life-changing journal practice
  • we’ll talk about your relationship history from a no-bullshit perspective.
  • we’ll look at the mistakes that could threaten your next relationship and plan for something much, much better.

At the end of our time together, you will come away with:

  • A holistic goal that factors in your desired quality of life, the difference you want to make in other’s lives, the resources and habits you need to thrive, and action steps to achieve your relationship goals
  • Insights into a completely different way of approaching relationships and dating
  • Insights into fundamental and overlooked human needs
  • A deep understanding of what love is in a relationship and how to build it
  • A firm understanding of the differences between love and lust, and how lust destroys relationships
  • A new standard of dating that will prevent toxic partners from entering your life
  • A new perspective on the importance of building virtue before and during a relationship
  • Practices that will help you grow with you current spouse or find your future spouse
  • A daily journal with advice on making the most of a journaling practice
  • A complementary copy of my book, “Freeing Your Other Half”
  • And an inspiring, fun, relaxed, memorable, and enjoyable experience that will change your life and relationships. Guaranteed*

All of this is delivered in the context of a relaxed getaway centered on Fun, Discovery, and Growth. Does it sound right for you?


My consulting services are provided on a daily basis:

$600/half day (5 hours)

$1000/whole day (8 hours)

$2000/weekend (two whole days)

Contact me by phone at (405) 254-7911 or at

(I’ll need to plan with you two weeks in advance to organize accommodations, activities and meals.*Couples rates vary)

*Because I am fully confident in my services, I offer a full refund to dissatisfied clients

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Experience and Influences

I pursued my career because I became tired of failing miserably in relationships. After I completely overhauled my conceptions, thoughts, and habits, I was asked to share my discoveries with others. I discovered a life worth living, and a deep satisfaction in helping others through my profession.

I’ve written for, The Good Men Project,, Mind Body Green, Urban Dating, Waking Times, and Activist Post. I’ve been featured as a guest on the Flourish With Failure Podcast, Jeff Berwick’s Anarchast, and The Breakup Coach Podcast. I’ve also authored two books on relationships- ‘Freeing Your Other Half’, and “Creating Business Relationships that Pay What You’re Worth”.

I’ve studied under Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management International and Savory International, in the field of holistic decision making and goal planning. William Ury, founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, has helped me to successfully coach couples on the art of conflict negotiation. I’ve also learned about the subtle and profound differences of men and women through Dr. John Gray.


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