‘Freeing Your Other Half’– Free Download!

Freeing Your Other Half

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Freeing Your Other Half (How To Achieve Whole Love)– click here to download!

My newest book is now available for PDF download for FREE!!! This is for a limited time, so grab your copy and heal your relationships on the cheap…If you’re into that sort of thing.

This book originally started as a conversation with my best friend during a relationship crisis. After half a year of building on the original conversation, I’m happy to share the finished product with you today. In this book you will find wisdom, inspiration, humor and action steps to help you take charge of your relationship destiny. It is my gift to you, and my effort to help create the peaceful and secure families and communities that we need now.

Also, this free book launch is an effort to raise funds for a printed publishing of ‘Freeing Your Other Half’. I intend on doing a book tour at schools and colleges throughout the southwest to spread the message of “relationship education”, as I like to call it. If you found it useful for your own relationships, please donate any amount you’d like to my indiegogo campaign.

Thanks, and be well! Daniel

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