Creating Business Relationships that Pay What You’re Worth


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Creating Business Relationships is a book that is designed to help freelancers achieve success by shifting their perception of business relationships. We choose our friends and spouses by how much they care about us, but when it comes to business, we falsely believe that money makes an abusive relationship acceptable. This book smashes that limiting idea and gives fresh takes on growing your freelance business.

My aim is to help freelancers establish business relationships that are on equal footing, with mutual interest in honesty, growth, endurance, appreciation and learning. In my new business model money is only a symbol of the real value that is exchanged in a relationship. With that single shift in perception and a plenitude of helpful tips, this book will help readers to achieve the money they desire and the relationships they never dreamed possible.

PS- This will be the funniest business book you’ve ever read. If you don’t agree, I’ll refund your full purchase. If you crap yourself from laughter, I’ll buy you a new pair of pants.  Better yet, I’ll just make the book inexpensive enough to afford a quality pair of depends adult diapers for the reading experience.


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