About Me

I’m Dan.

Four years into my writing journey, I’ve been published on dozens of the world’s best websites–including Fitbit.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and MindBodyGreen.

I’ve established myself as a go-to writer in the Southwest. And I’ve worked harder than I thought possible while helping thousands of people become the best versions of themselves.

My biggest dream is to inspire millions of millennials to live their dreams and to make a difference through their passions.

Oh…and I love writing about love.

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  1. Media Inquiry from Japan


    I am Yuki from TABI LABO, Co. Ltd ( http://tabi-labo.com/ ) and am sending this email about asking for permission to use your content.
    We run the web media TABI LABO, and it provides Japan with wonderful overseas hot topics not covered by Japanese TV or the news. This link explains about us; http://tabi-labo.com/page/about-our-article/

    We were really impressed with your article (https://www.fastcompany.com/3068479/work-smart/what-happened-when-i-replaced-my-to-do-lists-with-love-to-do-lists) and were wondering if we could translate and introduce it with some additional commentary on our website.
    We would provide the proper credit and the link back to your website if you are the copyright or have own blog or website.

    If you are willing to give us permission to use your content, we would like you to answer the following two questions:

    1. Are you the copyright holder of the above article?
    2. If there is anything else we should know, feel free to tell us.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    *We recognize the addressee of this e-mail as the licensed copyright holder.

    Best regards,

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