About Me

I’m Dan.

I started writing to share relationship advice. But I had a small problem…I sucked. Big time.

98% of publications rejected me. The messages were all good, but I just couldn’t make them readable.

So I studied the craft daily, learning syntax and style from the likes of Roy Peter Clark and Constance Hale; and within a year, I was getting thousands of shares per article. Mission accomplished.

I also got my first clients.

Four years into my writing journey, I’ve been published on dozens of the world’s best websites–including Fitbit.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and MindBodyGreen.

I’m a lead writer for my hometown’s national rebranding campaign. I’ve written whitepapers and articles for international businesses and nonprofits. And I’ve improved the thousands of lives along the way.

My dream is to inspire millions of millennials to make a difference through their passions.

Need a skilled writer? Work with me.

Check out more of my work here.

Stuck? Hire me as your coach.

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