7.2 Billion and Counting…

7.2 billion and counting…

Have you ever thought that there are just too many of us on this planet? Like we are the bane of good things and life itself?  It’s something we’ve been programmed to think through propaganda attacks. Think of buzzwords like- Veganism- Global Warming (cow farts)- Food Crises- Overpopulation, Individual Carbon Footprint and all the rest that makes us feel bad for being alive.

All of these words prey upon human emotion to elicit reactive action into contrived outlets: Get a prius, no grass on lawns, move to the city, stop eating meat, etc.  Are the popular options for our current crises really for our benefit?  Our emotions are important, but when we rely solely on them, logic tends to escape us and so does our freedom. So, let’s dive a little deeper into population overload, climate change, sustainability, and our part to play in it all
Urbanization and industrialization have been the blights of our world, not humans themselves. Capitalism and reckless profit have forsaken us, but those are ideas and not humans themselves. You can solve the human dilemma through mass extinction, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun or rewarding as the educational adventure that I have in mind.

The massive accumulations of food and wealth that have allowed for such an inflated population have been withdrawn from our soil without repayment. This has nothing to do with human reproduction, but thought reproduction. We didn’t achieve “new and improved” farming techniques to support a growing population; we grew an unsustainable population out of an unsustainable food glut that resulted from unsustainable and harmful farming techniques that lead to massive physical assets. Whew. Now, is there a way to resolve this situation without further damage to soil and extreme population reduction?

I think there is, and it’s called regenerative agriculture. It doesn’t involve tilling, it doesn’t involve massive government subsidies, it doesn’t use harmful chemicals that destroy soil biodiversity, you don’t have to buy fictitious carbon credits, and it is something you have power over.

It is something that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and into the land. It is something that brings water back to the land and aquifers. It is something that brings nutrition back into our food. It is something that solves global warming, and all you have to do is learn about it. Once you learn about regenerative agriculture and holistic management, you’re hooked on life for life. Our life begins and ends in the soil, so, what is keeping you from diving in?

Regenerative agriculture has been proven to grow topsoil anywhere from a 1/2 inch to over an inch a year. Without human intervention, this process would take thousands of years. RA is an antidote to the hysteria from reports like- “Only 20 years of topsoil remaining; Kill your babies!”.

Everything you hear on the news is to make you feel guilty for existing and for not driving a Prius (but they’re so lame!) We are humans and we deserve to live abundantly like the other animals. If we get smart about the soil, we can reclaim our dignity and value as “Human Beings- Stewards of the Earth.” Yep, I just gave each and everyone of you a superhero title. Pick up your cape (and overalls) and run with it.

We have siphoned the wealth from the soil, and here it sits atop the earth, unprotected from the sun and scavengers, while the soil dies. Is human reproduction to blame for this, or, is it a lack of education?

Our massive population is not a sign that we need to stop reproducing. Rather it signals us to live with the land and not against it. We cannot do that unless we know her intimately through experiential education. Dig in the soil! Become familiar with terms like “glomalin”, “pore space” “water cycle”, “mycorrhizal fungi” and “mineral cycle.” Realize that the soil is living, that our life depends on it, and with everything we do, we are either killing it or growing it.

Visit a cover cropping farm that supports soil formation and water retention. Check out a ranch that practices holistic management. See how cows help water and seeds to make it in the soil for plants to grow. Plants inhale carbon for breakfast and then gift it back to our soil where it belongs– ruminant animals are crucial to this process. Learn about what it is that you have to do as a person to live with the natural cycles of the earth. Then, share that knowledge with your children. Enrich your soil and enrich your life.

Before you blame human reproduction for this mess we’re in, look at the fastest means of reproduction known to man: Thoughts. Before you blame our nature for the plight we share, search the thoughts in your mind that build our world. Think about what we need to live a life of abundance– we need healthy soil, food, shelter, water, and relationships. That’s about it.

It starts with the soil. Until we change our individual impact on soil ecology, we are just as complicit in global warming, food shortages, drought, and war as any corporation or government. Until we support the soil with our thoughts and actions, we are up shit creek without a popsicle stick.

Get educated on how you can play your part in a healthy and thriving ecosystem today. No government can or will force us to live peacefully with the earth. So, it is up to us to apprise ourselves of what we need to do, and then act.

Find out what you can do today by reading Kristen Ohlsen’s book, ‘The Soil Will Save Us.’ Check out Judy Schwartz’s book, ‘Cows Save The Planet’. Learn more about the importance of cows in our ecosystem and food supply by reading Nicolette Hahn Niman’s (former vegetarian environmental lawyer), ‘Defending Beef’. Visit the Savory Institute on the web, or discover Holistic Management International. Whatever it is you have to do to become educated in our survival…do it! It’s fun, trust me.

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